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Paul Harwerth, TwinSauce

About Me

By day, I am a Copywriter at T-Mobile & the Marketing Manager for two other companies. I’m currently back in school pursuing a degree in American Sign Language - Interpreting at the University of Kansas & JCCC. I have a seven-year-old Jack Russell Terrier + Schnauzer mix who I absolutely adore! I also just adopted a second puppy, German Shepard + Australian Shepard mix, who is our newest joy! In my free time, I like to read, hang out with my family, & do all things Disney!

My photography journey started as most photography hobbies do - with my parents letting practice on their film camera. I have the first photo I ever took of my Mom - poorly framed, rough lighting, & obviously unedited. Personally, I still love it. I learned the foundation of photography from my Dad, took exactly one collegiate course at the University of Kansas, and am a proud student of Amy & Jordan Demos (via online courses). Honestly though, the best practice has come from the many friends and family members who have graciously allowed me to take their photos over the years. Every session for years, and even still today, I feel I learn and get better. During sessions today, I just like to have fun & make you feel as comfortable as possible. I want you to walk away feeling confident and happy every time!

I truly cannot wait to work with you to capture some of your best memories!

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Kate & Greg

Nicole was so easy and fun to work with! We don't take many pictures, so we were a little intimidated going into the session, but Nicole helped relax and guide us to create so many beautiful photos.

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